These are photos of actual Jug nose art from both European and Pacific theatres. Age and numerous re-copying has degraded a lot of the images but they still provide an accurate representation of how creative and varied the personalization's of their aircraft were.

1st Lt Vernon Farmer with his plane 'The Miss Earlene' named after his  wife (57th FG).jpg (65184 bytes) 342nd FS Ace 'Jim' Benz and his crew chief Robert Firestone (Jim  Sterling collection).jpg (36261 bytes) Capt Leroy Grosshuesch 8 victory Ace from the 39th FS the 'Cobras'  (Jim Sterling Collection).jpg (82478 bytes)
Capt Robert Keen's P-47D 42-74724 HV-Y 'Ice Cold Kattie' named for his  wife Catherine (61st FS).jpg (23183 bytes) Cliff Patt the 493rd FS Maintenance Flight Chief.jpg (48916 bytes) Col James Mullins (CO of the 507th FG) P-47 'Snorting Bull 3rd' (St  Trond Belgium 1944).jpg (44101 bytes)
Col Robert Landry - Headquarters Squadron - P-47D 42-75109 UN-W  'Louisiana Pirate-New Orleans' (56th FG).jpg (50834 bytes) E D Hobson 493rd FS.jpg (28245 bytes) Hal Shook (404th FG) in his P47 at Winkton in 1944.jpg (81192 bytes)
Jim Watson and Walter Dolyk - 493rd FS.jpg (39279 bytes) 'Kup' Kupersmith  with his P47 Nose Art (494th FS).jpg (58705 bytes) Lt Anthony Carcione's P-47C 41-7937 LM-Q 'Terrible Tony' prior to name  being applied (62nd FS) - This aircraft also named 'Triss' on starboard  side.jpg (47982 bytes)
Lt Jack Brown's P-47C 41-6203 UN-J 'The Flying Ute' (63rd FS).jpg (62560 bytes) 'Miss Mary Lou' of the 19th FS loaded and ready for a strike on Tinian  (USAF Museum photo)1.jpg (73776 bytes) P47 of the 406th FG 'Big Ass Bird II' flown by Howard Park - 1.jpg (62013 bytes)
P-47C 41-6180 VF-U 'Missouri Mauler' (336th FS).jpg (27335 bytes) P-47C 41-6192 VF-D 'Lollapoluza' (336th FS).jpg (29101 bytes) P-47D 42-7933 VF-Y 'Miss Skippy' also had 'Pappy' below cockpit (336th  FS).jpg (21768 bytes)
The right side of the cowl of Clay Tice's P-47 (404th FG Belgium  1944).jpg (92089 bytes) 'This Above All' - pilot Lt Steel (USAF Museum Photo).jpg (34666 bytes) unidentified P47 from the 56th FG.jpg (52718 bytes)
Victor Cabas  Comdr of the 494th FS with his crew chief.jpg (74042 bytes)